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Terms of Service

Our Terms of Service will be online shortly. In the meantime please email us and we will provide you with a copy.


PayPal is a service that transfers card payments to us. It is used by many websites across the Internet. If you have not used PayPal before to pay for something, you will need to register before you can start using the service. The registration process involves filling in your personal details, along with the details of your nominated credit/debit card. You will also be asked to provide a password that allows you secure access to the service in future. This is separate from any password you nominate to log into the Trudi Finch Cards website itself.

The Trudi Finch Cards website has been written to communicate all the necessary information for your order to PayPal, although when you enter their site after verifying your order with us, you will need to supply your e-mail address again. All other details should be correct, but please double-check them as they must match the information held about you by your card issuer. (i.e. if you supplied an invoice address different to your address as the card-holder your payment will not be accepted)

The PayPal website uses high-security encrytion to ensure that the card details you provide cannot be accessed by other users of the Internet. For full information about these issues, please go to the PayPal website at www.paypal.co.uk.

Once you enter the payment process with PayPal, please do not attempt to return to this website using the Back button on your browser. You will have the opportunity to cancel the payment if you decide not to go ahead with it.

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